Friday, September 19, 2008

Kansas Tornado

OK, I realize this isn't stamping related but I wanted to share some great pictures of a tornado that my husband and I took from our front porch last week! We live out in the country and have a soybean field across the road. You can see part of our driveway in the foreground of the second photo and my van in the first photo! Oops, I uploaded these backwards because the bottom photo was taken first! Of course, we made sure our children were in a safe place before heading out to the porch with the cameras! This tornado was moving from West to East pretty quickly so we only got about 9 pictures before it moved off to cause some damage to a friend's farm! No major damage but it twisted their trampoline into an unrecognizable heap and caused minor damage to the barn! No injuries to humans or livestock thank goodness! Their children were home alone when this hit and the 14 year old had the smarts to get herself and her younger sister into the Kwanza Hut (that's a storm shelter for those not familiar with the term!)! It's awesome to see Mother' Nature's fury in action but I think I've had my fill for now!! In my ummmm......40 something years in Kansas this is only the second tornado that I have seen!
Stamping Related - I'm starting a new venture with my upline in October. We are going to start offering classes in Lawrence, KS, (about 10 miles from my house) and see if we can get something different going! Lawrence and Eudora are hard markets for us with Stampin' Up!, it seems that the people here are very "artsy" but not particularly"crafty" so we will be focusing on paper art projects and techniques! We will start a new blog for that venture so watch for a link to appear so you can see what types of things we are offering together! These might just become "Classes by mail", too! Stay tuned for further details!
Until next time!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Clipboard Days to Remember

I'm using up some of my retired Designer Series papers and making things for the 8 craft shows I have before December! I used strips of DSP to form pockets to slip my monthly tags into! Nothing fancy but I like how it turned out! I've been really busy getting things ready for all the shows and I will be posting more pictures of them soon! Just finding the time to photograph, upload and figure out what to say has been a challenge lately! The kids are back in school so hopefully that will free me up a little for some of these tasks! I really want to share more!

Have a fabulous week!